Breviary Technical Ceramics


      Joining and Bonding Techniques




8 Joining and Bonding Techniques

Bonding and joining techniques play a decisive role in the integration of ceramic components into a technical system. It is necessary to integrate a ceramic part into a complete system reliably and in such a way that those special properties, the reasons for which the component was manufactured out of ceramic, are exploited under all operating conditions.

The system as a whole must be tested again under working conditions, paying special attention to the compatibility of the ceramic part to its environment. Usually the difficulties in assimilation result from differences between the thermal expansion coefficients or elastic behaviour (modulus of elasticity) of the ceramic and the surrounding components, most of which are metal. Generally speaking, a large number of joining techniques are available.
Basically, a ceramic can be temporarily or permanently bonded with another ceramic or with any other material. To achieve a reliable connection between ceramic components or with other materials, techniques using material bonding, interlocking and friction may be considered.


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