Brevier Technical Ceramics


      Preface of the Breviary




This guide is intended as a companion for the practical engineer, regardless of whether he or she is a user or manufacturer of ceramics. It has therefore been designed as a practical aid for everyday use.
To this end, it offers an overview of ceramic materials, their properties, manufacturing and processing methods, and describes the basic rules for construction using ceramics as well as bonding and joining techniques. This does not, however, mean that it replaces definitive manufacturers' data. We also refer the reader to the large quantity of specialist literature available for the scientific background.

The guide also restricts itself, in the field of applications of technical ceramics, to the tabulation of examples and the presentation of typical components, since information on these matters can be found in the literature that is available free from the Informationszentrums Technical Ceramics.

This guide is a result of suggestions and cooperation with the Technical Commission of the Technical Ceramics Section of the Association of Ceramics Industries (VKI). This 4th edition has been carefully reworked throughout.

Our sincere thanks for close cooperation and committed work go to:

  • all the members of the commission,
  • all the specialists at the members factories and
  • Roger Morell.

Verband der Keramischen Industrie e.V.
- Informationszentrum Technical Ceramics -

Selb, 15th December 2004