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Electrical engineering

Ceramic has been an indispensable forerunner since electricity has been generated and harnessed.

Low-voltage technology

Ceramic components and fittings reliable fulfill insulation functions in electrical installations, as well as in electric heat and light engineering.

Adjusting pins Aerial shafts arrxing strips Circuit pins
Coil elements for fuses Coil plates Connecting terminals Contact spring holders
Distance pieces End sockets Exhaust nozzles Fixing pins
Foundation slabs Fuse base Fuse casingFuse element
Fuse external tube Fuse lower parts Fuse tubes HD pin-type insulator
Heater former Heater former slabs Heater former stonesHeater tubes
Holders Housing Ignition holder Inner section tubes
Insulating cases Insulating components Insulating pearls Insulating tube e.g. for industrial kilns
Jointed radiators Lamp base Lamp holders Large insulator
Multi-hole pipes Oven connecting terminals Punch strips Regulator base
Regulator rings Resistor Sheaths Slit tube slabs
Spark plugs Spark protection Spark protection chamber Spark protection small plates
Supports for potentiometers Tensile relief pieces Terminals Tread pipes

Manufacture overview

High-voltage technology

High-Voltage insulators are guarantee for highest reliability during operation in all weathers and in all environmental conditions. This requires a high electrical, as well as mechanical strength, corrosion and leakage current resistance from materials for high-frequency insulators.

Casing insulators Hallow insulators High-frequency and high voltage insulators Large insulator
Long rod insulators Overhead cable insulators Overhead cable insulators Pin-type insulator
Pin insulator Pin type insulator

Manufacture overview