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Material overview

Table overview


Silicate ceramics
Alcaline-alumino silicate C 100
Siliceous porcelain, plastic forming C 110
Siliceous porcelain, pressed C 111
Crystobalite porcelain, plastic forming C 112
Aluminous porcelain C 120
Aluminous porcelain, high-strength C 130
Lithium porcelain C 140
Magnesium silicate C 200
Low-frequency steatite C 210
Standart steatite C 220
Low loss steatite C 221
Porous steatite C 230
Forsterite, porous C 240
Forsterite, dens C 250
Titanate and other ceramics with a high permittivity factor C 300
Basis titan dioxide C 310
Basis magnesium titanate C 320
Titan dioxide and other oxides C 330
Titan dioxide and other oxides C 331
Basis calcium and strontium bismuth titanate C 340
Basis ferroelectric perovskite C 350
Basis ferroelectric perovskite C 351
Basis ferroelectric perovskite C 400
Cordierite, dense C 410
Celsian, dense C 420
Basis calcium oxide, dense C 430
Basis zircon C 440
Porous alumino silicate and magnesium alumino silicate C 500
Aluminium silicate basis C 510
Magnesium alumino silicate basis C 510
Magnesium alumino silicate basis C 512
Cordierite basis C 520
Aluminium silicate basis C 530
Mullite ceramic with low alkaline content C 600
Mullite ceramic with 50% bis 65% Al2O3 C 610
Mullite ceramic with 65% bis 80% Al2O3 C 620
Oxide ceramics
Ceramics with high aluminium oxide content C 700
High alumina Al2O3 ceramic, > 80% to 86% Al2O3 C 780
High alumina Al2O3 ceramic, > 86% to 95% Al2O3 C 786
High alumina Al2O3 ceramic, > 95% to 99% Al2O3 C 795
High alumina Al2O3 ceramic, 99% Al2O3 C 799
Alumina oxide with specified Al2O3 content according to manufactures specifications
Oxide ceramic materials of other type than Al2O3 C 800
Beryllia ceramics, C 810
dense magnesia ceramics (MgO)  
porous magnesia according to manufactures specifications (MgO) C 820
Zirconia (standardised untill 1996 as C 830)  
Zirconia according to manufactures specification
· Zirconia partially stabilised (PSZ)
· fully stabilised (FSZ)
· tetragonal polycrystaline (TZP)
Aluminium titanate (AT)
Piezo ceramic (PZT)
Silicon oxide ceramic (opaque silicia glass)
Spinel (MgO Al2O3)
Titania (TIO)
Barite (BaO)
Nonoxide ceramics
Non toxic ceramic insulation materials C 900
Silicon carbide (SIC)
· Recrystallized (RSIC)
· Nitride bounded (NSIC)
· Sintered (SSIC)
· Silicon infiltrated (SISIC)
· Hot pressed (HPSIC, HIP SIC) boron carbide (B4C)
Silicon nitride, reaction bonded, porous silicon nitride,dense silicon nitride (SN) according to manufacturers specifications C 930
· Sintered (SSN)
· Reaction bonded (RBSN, SRBSN)
· · Hot pressed (HPSN) silicon nitride (e.g. SIALON)
Aluminium nitride (AIN) C 940
Aluminium nitride (AIN) according to manufacturers specifications
Boron nitride
Boron nitride according to manufactuerers specifications (CBN and HBN)
Titan nitride (TiN) C 910
Multitype nitride C 920

Further, more detailed information to this in the Breviary