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Mechanical engineering

Technical ceramic offers innovative engineers many possibilities for the further development of machines and plants with regard to service, life and reliability.

Mechanical engineering (general)

The contemporary and future us technical ceramics covers all areas which require a high material strength at high temperatures, or which are subjected to abrasive and/or corrosive stress.

Ball Ball-bearings Bearings Bending tools
Blades Car valves Cast cores Cast moulds
Coatings Control discs Counter rings Coverings
Cylinder Cylinder linear Cylinder liner linings Cylinder linings
Distance discs Drawing rings Exhaust nozzles Extruder moulds
Fitting rings Fittings Fluidized nozzles Gas mantle holders
Gates Guide rings Guide rolls Inlet nozzles
Inlet pipe-ends Insulating discs Nozzles Piston floors
Pistons Plunger Portliners Protection sleeves
Pulley Pump rotors Pump shafts Punch slabs
Reduction pieces Reshaping tools Roller bearing Scissors
Separator wheels Shaft protection sleeves Slide bearings Slide rail
Slide ring washers Slide rings Soldering mats Spinning rings
Exhaust nozzles Steering wheels Target Tight discs
Torsion bodies Turbo-charger-rotors Valve fittings Valves
Wear protection Welding bolts Welding in strips Welding rings
Welding strips

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Wear and corrosion protection

Components of ceramic materials have proved themselves in the extracting, transport, working dressing and cleaning of mass bulk material. They prolong the standing time of the plants considerably.

Cement mixer linings Chute linings Cyclon linings Linings
Mill linings Tube linings

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Textile technology

Automized and maintenance-free installations require reliable machine components which guarantee a high resistance to wear, and which have friction low thread-sparing surfaces.

Cuttings Eyes Friction discs Hooks
Rods Rollers Thread brakes Tread guides

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Tools of technical ceramic are often used in the metal moulding. They are characterised by a high resistance to wear, the good surface quality and that they do not show a welding tendency to the metal part. The use of ceramic materials, for example in machining operations, is today the state of technological development and allows an increased cutting speed in comparison to conventional materials (i.e. hard metals).

Cutting ceramic Drawing cones Drills Enlarge tools
Milling spikes Reversing cutting slabs

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