Breviary Technical Ceramics






9.2 Producing Quality

Quality must be produced through

  • optimisation of the procedures that will generate predictable, well-managed processes through quality techniques such as:
    - QFD    Quality Function Development
    - DOE    Design of Experiments
    - FMEA   Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
    - SPC    Statistical Process Control, Cpk-values, etc.
    - Poka  Yoke The generation of error-tolerant processes,
  • identification of the workers with the product (each individual is responsible for quality)
  • setting a production goal of zero failure-rate (+ 6 s, Cpk >2) and Comment: should this be ‘6 sigma’, not ‘6 s’?
  • independent quality certification demonstrating that the product and services correspond to the agreement with the customer.


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