Breviary Technical Ceramics


      Werkstoffe der technischen Keramik




3.4.4 Special materials Composite fibre-ceramic materials

In contrast to monolithic ceramics, composite fibre-ceramic materials are characterised by quasi-ductile properties. This gives them a fracture behaviour somewhat like that of metals. Higher tolerance to damage is achieved due to their property of reacting to high stress with deformation instead of with brittle fracture. Stress concentrations do not lead to catastrophic failure of the component, since a number of energy-absorbing mechanisms such as micro-cracks or delamination allow them to be locally dispersed.

Due to the manufacturing costs, which at present are still high, composite fibre-ceramic materials have so far only found applications in special cases, such as high-performance brake discs for motor racing vehicles, or as a special component in aerospace applications

Figure 43: Microstructure of a composite fibre-ceramic material with random fibre orientation


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