Breviary Technical Ceramics



 Corrosion by (Hot) Gasess

All oxide materials are resistant to corrosion in air and oxidising atmospheres up to temperatures close to their melting point.

At temperatures above 1,200°C, all non-oxide materials react with oxygen. Many non-oxide materials – SiCs in particular – develop thick protective layers of silicon dioxide when oxidation begins, and this protects them from further oxidation. Corrosion increases significantly at temperatures above 1,420°C.

The corrosive reaction of ceramics to other Gasess (Cl2, SO2, NOx etc.) is not well known.
In hydrothermal atmospheres certain quality classes of Al2O3 are resistant to Cl2, SO2 and NOx. Cordierite also meets the demand for resistance to corrosion by hot Gasess in hydrothermal atmospheres.


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