Breviary Technical Ceramics






5.7 Wear

Wear is defined as progressive loss of material from the surface of a solid body as a result of mechanical causes, i.e. contact with and movement relative to a solid, liquid or Gasesous opposing body. It manifests in the form of small separated particles (wear particles) and in changes to the material and shape of the tribologically stressed surface. Wear can be looked on as an element of tribology.

Wear is of great economic significance, since the service lives of machines and equipment are dependent on it. Ceramics allow significant improvement to be achieved here, as may be seen from the example of the fixed and control washers in a water tap, or linings of aluminium oxide. Other selected application fields include shaping technology, the ready-mixed concrete industry, the textile industry, the paper industry, metal cutting, pump construction, and large sectors of chemical and process technology where, for instance, ceramic fittings, slip ring seals and nozzles are used.


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