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5.7.6 Special examples The measurement of abrasion in model systems

The sketch in Figure 99 illustrates some of the measurement set-ups used, consisting of a shaft and test body (a), a shaft and test body with grinding material (b), and a pin and disc arrangement (C).

Figure 99: Set-ups used for measuring abrasion

Using the test bed for slip ring seals shown, it is possible to measure the speed of rotation, temperature and torque under operating conditions. The rotation speed, and the choice between dry and wet machining, can be varied.

Figure 100: Measurement set-up for slip ring seals

Jet abrasion in open systems can relatively easily and quickly be measured in a blasting test. Materials can be compared, and ranked according to their abrasion resistance.

Figure 101: Experimental set up for jet abrasion


The blasting medium, blasting speed and the size of the blasting particles have a critical effect on the results of such measurements.


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