Breviary Technical Ceramics


      From Powder to Part




4.2.3 Metallisation

Some manufacturers of technical ceramics offer metallised ceramics. Aluminium oxide and aluminium nitride are available as substrate materials. The metallisation offered is suitable for brazing, and, of course, also for soft soldering, and consists of a base metallisation of tungsten having a layer thickness of at least 6 ?m, applied by a screen printing process and fired on. A layer of nickel, applied non-electrolytically, with a minimum thickness of 2 µm, is applied on top to assist the flow of solder. Other layer thicknesses are possible.
A gold layer with a thickness of approx. 1 ?m can be deposited to protect against corrosion. Alternatively, the electroless applied nickel layer can be reinforced with a bondable gold layer. An additional layer of tin can also be applied if soft soldering is planned.


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