Breviary Technical Ceramics


      Joining and Bonding Techniques

 Types of Glue

The following glues are the most suitable for demanding applications (high-tech or structural glues):

  • acrylate glues,
  • cyanoacrylate glues,
  • epoxy resin glues,
  • polyurethane glues,
  • phenolic resin glues and
  • polyester resin glues.

In order to select the appropriate glue it is important that requirements of the joint are accurately profiled. It is therefore necessary that stresses on the components, such as mechanical or thermal stress, and any effects from the surrounding media that may be relevant, are known.

Characteristic material values of the jointed parts, the surface finish, the dimensions of the glued areas and the temperature are also relevant to the properties of the resulting joint and to the selection of the appropriate glue.



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