Breviary Technical Ceramics


      Joining and Bonding Techniques

 Soft Soldering

According to DIN 8505 soft solders melt below 450 °C; typical soft solders melt between 150 and 250 °C. They are used at between 190 and 250 °C. Typical solders include the eutectic systems of tin/lead (melting point 183 °C) and tin/silver (melting point 221 °C).
The metallisation is usually based on a noble metals (silver, silver/palladium, silver/platinum, gold, palladium/gold, platinum/gold).

Soft soldering is widely used in electrical engineering and in electronics, particularly for hybrid circuits. As a rule, passive and active components can withstand the temperature stress involved in the soft soldering process.

The soldering temperature does, however, represent a temperature shock to the metallised ceramic, although this is usually not critical even for sensitive ceramic materials.


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