Breviary Technical Ceramics


      Joining and Bonding Techniques

 Measures to be Taken

Soldering joins different materials together through a material bond. The coefficients of thermal expansion, which depend on the materials, can sometimes be very different. Unrestrained materials shrink differently as they cool, so that stresses still develop in the joint after different materials have been soldered.

There are a number of ways of keeping such thermally induced stresses under control:

  • The design of the construction is such that the ceramic is subject to acceptable compressive stress.
  • The two materials being combined only have small differences in their thermal expansion coefficients.
  • An additional buffer material can be used that compensates through elastic or plastic deformation. The solder itself can represent such a buffer material. The physical properties of soft solders, and the thicknesses used in that process, are particularly suitable for this purpose.


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