Breviary Technical Ceramics






7.3 Cost-Effectiveness

7.3.1 Component Costs in Principle

Manufacturing costs for a part made of technical ceramic are comprised of the following:

  • material costs,
  • forming costs,
  • finishing costs,
  • firing costs,
  • test costs and
  • other miscellaneous costs.

The material costs are dependent on the material used, and in most cases are comparatively low. Increased demands on the properties of the ceramic can cause the raw material price to have a significant influence on the total costs due to the high purity required and to the well-defined, reproducible powder properties. This is particularly the case when manufacturing large parts.

Forming costs are also not insignificant for single parts or small batch sizes. This is due to the large number of single steps that must either be carried out manually or that can only be partially automated.
If hard finishing is necessary, the final finishing costs are often the dominating factor.
Testing can, under certain circumstances, become a noticeable fraction of the total cost for parts that are geometrically complex and highly stressed. These may require many tests and property certificates.



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