Breviary Technical Ceramics


      Werkstoffe der technischen Keramik

 Magnesium Oxide

Magnesium oxide (MgO) ceramic is mostly manufactured in high purity as a single component ceramic in porous or gas-tight forms.
Particular characteristics are

  • good electrical insulation and
  • good thermal conductivity

Figure 11: Fracture surface of a porous magnesium oxide

This material is used in heat engineering primarily for small tubes with a precisely defined strength. These are slipped over heating wires and then inserted into metal tubes. Through subsequent hammering, rolling or drawing, the ceramic is reduced in size. The insulation material is crushed and adapts itself to the form given to the metal tube. This production technique makes it possible to manufacture curved tubular heating elements as used, for instance, in immersion heaters and heating cartridges, and for thermocouples.

Andere Oxide (C 800) und Nichtoxide (C 900)
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